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9anime Alternative 2020, 9anime is a very popular website and on this site, you could watch and download related web series and shows from Anime.

But this site was banned because it was a pirated website to which copyrighted content was uploaded.

And Google quickly piracy website, due to which this site was also banned. But this post will know about some of its alternative sites.

By the way, some proxy links of 9Anime are still working, which I will tell you further, so we know about 9 anime’s alternative site.

So in this post, we will learn about 10 alternative sites of 9Anime, which is exactly like 9anime and you can also watch anime online.

DarkAnimeBest 9Anime Alternative Site

9anime Alternative
9 anime Alternative

DarkAnime is exactly like 9anime. And on this site, you will get anime in millions, which you can watch for free.

And the good thing is that you can easily visit this site. And its design is quite simple. You can watch movies on this site according to your category.

KissAnime2nd 9Anime Alternative Site

9anime Alternative

Yes, KissAnime is 9anime’s second alternative site. Because these two sites are exactly the same. On this site, you have drama, action, romance, and much other anime that you can watch online.

And if you are looking for a site similar to 9anime, KissAnime may not be good for you. And KissAnime is quite a popular site.

PutlockerTop Popular Website

Putlocker 2020

You only know about Putlocker, how big a popular site it is, and this site has also been banned by Google.

If anyone can do this on the site, then they can go with the help of a proxy link and VPN. Those who don’t know what Putlocker is. So let me tell them,
Putlocker is a very popular Hollywood movie online viewing website and on this website, you will find all kinds of movies and anime and you can watch online for free here.

AnimelandBest 9Anime Alternative


This site is also very popular and comes to millions of traffic daily only for watching anime and it is very similar to 9Anime because you get the same thing on this site too.

On Animeland you will find a lot of anime-related movies and you can search the category according to your own. From this site, you can also watch and download anime in Full HD.


Anime Planet
Anime Planet

You must have known by a name that the same thing is shared on this site, which is done on 9Anime. And watching movies on this site is quite a good option.

If you are an anime lover then this site is very useful for you and it is quite similar to 9Anime.

Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima
Anime Ultima

Anima Ultima is a site that brings you every new anime before you without any time delay. And what can be better than this? And this site is the best site for anime lovers.

You have to create an account on this site to watch Anime, just once you have to create an account, that too becomes an account for free. After that, you can watch Anime for free on this site.

GogoanimeTop 9Anime Alternative Site


I had to mash this site first, but I forgot that because this site is very popular. And on this site, all kinds of anime will be found, which you can see online and you can download them.

And as far as GoGoanime is, it is a much bigger and popular website than 9Anime. The visitor’s daily comes to millions on this site. But even then GoGoanime is a very good alternative site to 9 Anime.

Gaze animeTopΒ 9Anime Alternative Site

Gaze Anime
Gaze anime

Gaze Anime is a great alternative site from 9Anime and on this site, you will find every movie and show related to Anime that you can watch and download online.

Anime Hero’s


Anime heroes is a very good website for Anime Lover, you can see HD Quality Me in every anime on this site, that too in free.

Kuro Ani

Kuro ani is a great site. And anyone on this site can see the anime in the different subtitles.

9Anime Proxy Link

Friends, you should know that this site has some fake domain names, so do not visit those sites. I am giving you the proxy link below which is absolutely real. And you can see it by clicking on it.

9 anime.to

9 Anime.tv

9 Anime. Live

9 Anime.Life

9 Anime.Nl

9 Anime.ru

9 Anime.video

The above-mentioned proxy link is all real and everything is working, apart from this, if you find another proxy link then you should not visit it because it is a fake link.

Last Word πŸ™

So, friends, I hope you liked this information. And above all the sites I have mentioned, all are very good websites. And you can watch anime.

More friends, this post has been shared for your information. πŸ™‚



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