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Xossipy, There is a site which was very popular a few days ago but suddenly this site got banned and went offline.

Daily millions of traffic used to visit this site. But the users of this site got very upset due to the site being down. Those who were the daily visitors of this site started getting very upset.

And if you are an old visitor to Xosispy and you want to know what happened to this site. So you will get this information in this post, so you must read this post till the last.

And in this post, I will also tell you about some alternative sites of Xossipy, from which you can have fun like it. So let’s know.

What Is Xossipy

If you are a visitor of Xossipy then you must know what this site is. And if you are a new visitor, then there is nothing in this post telling you about it

Xossipy is an adult website. Where 18+ content is shared. Millions of articles have been shared on this site. But due to the site being down, you will not be able to get that content now.

Despite this site being 18+, due to having more visitors, it could not be banned in India but Jio banned this site.

Many people may be wondering why this site was closed, so let’s know about it and I will also tell you about some alternative sites.

Why did Xossipy down?

As I told you, the Daily Million visitors used to come. But this site was closed by the administrator of this site. Because this site was hosted on That hosting expired due to which the site was down, after which the site was not reopened.

If you are a daily visitor of Xossipy and you are looking for this site alternative, then I will tell about this below. So let’s know.

The names of the sites I am going to tell are very similar to Xossipy. And you will find the same information on these sites. Because this site is absolutely Xossipy’s alternative.

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Xossipy Alternative Website

Which site is going to tell you below. All of them are quite popular and like Xossipy, they get similar content.

And now it is the time of the Internet where you can search for everything, so let’s know about Xossipy’s alternative site.

1. Xfroum .Live

Xforum is one of the most popular choices for users. The website undeniably is best when it comes to speediness and proper optimization than other similar websites. The forum requires you to register a free account in order to utilize the platform. After we had paid a visit there were many advertisements mainly pop ads that come up while you try to clicks. However, the ads are limited to those having a registered account.

2. Xossipz .Com

Xossipz is another perfect choice for Xossip alternatives. The web interface of the website in Pc as well in mobile devices are pleasant with everything kept categorized and neatly. Xossipz wants you to register a free account for a seamless experience. In our visit to Xossipz the interface seems pretty adequate with fewer ads been shown as compared to other websites.

3. Xossipy .Com

Xossipy looked similar to the above listed Xossip alternative websites. There are no extras we found to talk about however the site retains a user registration page. Xossipy went down after a period of time (server issues) but have resolved now. The website receives a total of $500 donations in order to keep the site alive. Xossipy has more than 1 million visitors and to compensate with the server overload the admin was forced to keep a registration process compulsory for users.

All the sites you are viewing above are similars to Xosispy. And you can search and read the same content on these sites.

At Last 🙏

So, friends, I hope you liked our post. And this post has been shared just for your information.

Xossipy is an adult site and is an 18+ website. And our team does not support these sites. This post has been shared just for your information. 🙂



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